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What is the Summer Slide?

The “summer slide” refers to how students often lose some of the educational gains they had made during the previous school year. Research shows that while reading losses do occur and can be quite severe, the dip in math scores is even more pronounced. Parents, guardians, and even students themselves can help prevent this by making learning a year-round activity. It may sound overwhelming, but taking part in fun and engaging activities (like the Algebra Challenge!) can help keep those skills up.

What is the Algebra Challenge?

The Algebra Challenge is a week-long event put on by the University of Washington’s Center for Game Science. This summer (August 12-16) we invite children to compete in a friendly math competition. The goal is to solve as many equations in our word problem video game – Riddle Books – as possible. Parents are welcome to participate by watching their children’s progress live via a dashboard. This way you can engage in learning together.

Who Can Participate?

Any child can participate in the Algebra Challenge with the approval of their parent, guardian, or summer teacher. An adult must sign up for the challenge once we open up registration in July. To be notified about open registration, enter your email address below.

Learn more about Riddle Books here.

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