About Riddle Books

Two cartoon characters from riddle books, flying on a transparent backgroundRiddle Books, created by the Center for Game Science at the University of Washington, aims to develop learners’ understanding of Common Core concepts and support the Math in Focus (Modeling Based Math) curriculum. By using story problems to gradually introduce the player to the notion of equations, Riddle Books starts off with the player manipulating pictures and dealing with relationships they can intuitively understand and enables students to solve story problems regardless of their skill level.

* Story problems come in all flavors like science fiction, magic, and animals to name just a few to allow students to find favorites!
* Customized hints are at the ready to help students get themselves back on track.
* Students are not just completing story problems they are also getting the tools needed to solve any story problem they encounter going forward.
* Riddle Books is designed to grow with player skill and “level up” as they do. This keeps everyone learning – but more importantly, keeps players having fun.

   Riddle Books and the Teacher Copilot are completely free, and will work on any recent web browser.