Meet Your Classroom Helpers

Riddle Books and the Teacher Copilot are completely free, and will work on any recent web browser. Any class with access to a PC, Mac or Chromebook can participate in an Algebra Challenge event. You’ll also want to make sure you have Flash Player 11 (or greater).

Riddle Books: If you can read it, you can solve it!

Riddle Books is aligned to a number of the Common Core Standards by the Center for Game Science at the University of Washington.

* Story problems come in all flavors like science fiction, magic, and animals (to name just a few). Students are motivated by playing with genres that already interest them, and perhaps discover new favorites!
* Customized hints are at the ready to help students get themselves back on track.
* Students are not just completing story problems - they are also getting the tools needed to solve any story problem they encounter going forward.
* Riddle Books is designed to grow with player skill and "level up" as they do. This keeps everyone learning - but more importantly, keeps players having fun.

Riddle Books is designed to feature linear progression with some adaptive learning elements. Every student ideally will progress through each of the problem types. Older students will likely progress more quickly although it may take them a while to master setting up the models (this is both the fun and the challenge for many of the problems).

Teacher Copilot: Your Classroom Helper!

Algebra Challenges feature an innovative, free teacher tool that allows instructors to view real-time student gameplay data and helps them remove key misconceptions at the group and individual level.

Features include:
* instructional support (i.e. Lesson Plans)
* student management
* game delivery
* real-time feedback,
* the ability to adapt/differentiate games for different students.

Best of all – the copilot is totally free.

During the challenge, the live dashboard in the Teacher Copilot gives feedback in two ways by showing both progress (number of problems attempted) and proficiency (correctness of problems attempted). The cumulative dashboard shows number of problems solved of each type and total time spent on task.